I highly doubt that the book The Shack is unknown to anyone. It is one of the best selling religious literatures of our times. And there is probably a good chance that theological dialog has come about because of it.

I read it because I got into a discussion with some people about the book over burgers back at Knoxville one winter. I had read about it, but never read it. So I had to good spend my money on the book.

I had developed some thoughts about the book after I read it. I found myself emotionally pulled in by the story but repulsed at the distortions of God that are presented in the book.

I recently read these two reviews of the book and found that they articulate some of the main problems with the book better than I can. There are still some that they don’t mention, but they nail the main points.

Tim Keller, “The Shack—Impressions

Katherine Jeffrey, “‘I Am Not Who You Think I Am’—Situating The Shack in a Christian Literary Landscape,” Books & Culture (January/February 2010), pp. 33-34.

Justin Taylor has a bigger list over at his blog where I came across these.