Next week I will be attending the Together for the Gospel conference held here in Louisville, KY. I always look forward to this conference. It is such a tremendous blessing to stumble upon the first one held back in 2006. I can safely say that the conference would be an influence on me for years to come. Who knows if I would even be up here at Boyce if it had not been for the conference! So I have been attending the conference ever since, soaking in the riches of it.

One of the greatest things about the conference would have to be the worship. Here is a clip giving a little demonstration what what is experienced.

What an time! Singing the rich praise songs along with 6,000 men! Truly a wonderful experience.

Then there are the convicting and encouraging messages. Who can forget John Piper’s message on preaching at the 2006 conference and R. C. Sproul’s message at the 2008 conference? And those messages are just slightly larger gems in the treasure chest of messages given at the conference.

And of course…there are the books!

I will also be attending the Band of Bloggers conference meeting before T4G.

If you are a read of this blog I would love to see you at either one of these conferences.

Thus, I all really looking forward to the coming week! I believe it will be a great blessing to be received.