I know that I have not kept up with these, sorry. But I needed to get back to it one day and today is as good as the next for doing it.

This sermon was preached by my pastor Ryan Fullerton of Immanuel Baptist. This is this intro to the message:

Sadly, it has been my experience that the world understands immodesty better than Christians understand immodesty. Non-Christian men know they like immodest women because they like to have appetizers even if they can’t have the main course. Non-Christian women like immodesty because they know that serving appetizers gets a guys attention, and there is a certain power that comes from serving appetizers but holding back on the main course. He gets a little peek, and a little pleasure. She gives a little peek, and gets a little power. That is nature of the game, and the world knows it very well.

Unfortunately Christians think that seeing how much flesh they can show isn’t about power and pleasure at all. Too often they believe immodesty is just an exercise in Christian liberty. “Some people like a sip of wine, some people like to show a little cleavage, we are all free in Christ.” We forget about wisdom, love, and scripture, and we exercise our ‘freedom in the Lord.’ We show the same flesh as the world, but with better motives. Obviously, we do not think clearly on this issue at all. In fact, if actions speak louder than words then I have to imagine many husbands think, “who cares that the Pastors office is full of men battling porn, I am gonna make sure all my buddies get a good peek at my wife.”

In a world infatuated with sex, addicted to pornography, and callous to shame, Christians exercise their liberty by serving one more round of appetizers to the world. Well beloved, I am not convinced that Jesus died so that his followers could serve the world another round of drinks to arouse their sexual intoxication. I believe he died so that Christian men could love and serve women as mothers, wives, and sisters in all purity (1 Tim. 5:1-2 ESV). And, I believe that Jesus died so that women could, “adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self control” (1 Tim. 2:9). Because I believe this, and because I love my brothers, my wife, my daughter, my sisters, and all of those sheep who need to escape the Shepherding of the fashion industry, because of all of this I offer this sermon for your prayerful consideration. It is my attempt to rid the world of both bikinis and berkas and to proclaim, ‘Modesty is Freedom’!

You can listen to the sermon here.