I came across these two albums over at Brian Moss’s site. The first one is him singing songs inspired by Psalms 1 through 15. You can download the songs here.

The second one is call Sweet Sacrifice, as described on the site, “Sweet Sacrifice touches on the themes of lament, loss, slavery and freedom in worship songs created for

Lent. Seattle-based artists Molly McCue, Kurt Dyrhsen and Brian Moss collaborate with longtime Christian artist Michael Card on this project.” You can receive the instructions for downloading it here. (Do note: you have to download it through iTunes. The site though gives adequate instruction from there.)

I have not listened to all the songs on each album. So I cannot at this point give a complete thumbs up to everything. But from what I have listen to, so far, they seem really good. And they are free! One cannot beat that.

One CD from Brian I have had for a while is his one called “Not What My Hands Have Done.” You will have to purchase it off iTunes for $9.99. But I have had it for a few years now and have greatly enjoyed it. The lyrics are tremendous and sound quality is great. You can get it off iTune here or the CD here.