Great news from Robert Sagers over at Between Two Worlds:

Good news: as of this afternoon, every issue of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (SBJT) through spring, 2008, is now online, in full.

So, that means that these (and many other) articles are now online, for free:

Carl F. H. Henry, “The Living God of the Bible” (1.1; spring 1997)

Thomas R. Schreiner, “Perseverance and Assurance: A Survey and a Proposal” (2.1; spring 1998)

Robert H. Stein, “Baptism and Becoming a Christian in the New Testament” (2.1; spring 1998)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr., “The Whole Earth Is Full of His Glory: The Recovery of Authentic Worship” (2.4; winter 1998)

D. A. Carson, “Job: Mystery and Faith” (4.2; summer 2000)

Mark Dever, “Biblical Church Discipline” (4.4; winter 2000)

John Piper, “The Sovereignty of God and the Soul Dynamic: God-Centered Thinking and the Black Experience in America, Past and Future” (8.2; summer 2004)

Simon Gathercole, “The Cross and Substitutionary Atonement” (11.2; summer 2007)

Douglas Moo, “Paul’s Universalizing Hermeneutic in Romans” (11.3; fall 2007)

The SBJT editors through the years have been Paul R. House, Thomas R. Schreiner, and Stephen J. Wellum.

The most recent issue, on the theme “Theological Interpretation of Scripture,” is hot off the press. You can read Gregg R. Allison’s article in the issue, “Theological Interpretation of Scripture: An Introduction and Preliminary Evaluation,” online free.

And as always, you can subscribe to the journal—and never miss an issue.