Forgiveness is a promise. When God forgives a sinner, He does not simply become emotional over his repentance. No, instead, He goes on record that He has forgiven by making (and keeping) a promise to that effect: “Your  sins and iniquities I will remember against you no more” (Jeremiah 31:34).

Every person that has truly trusted in the finished work of Christ and thus partakes in the New Covenant has the promise of forgiveness. It is a promise, solid, sure and done. God never brings it up again to us or too Himself. God never ruminates over our past sins. They are covered by the blood of His Son.

This same forgiveness is to be manifest in our lives as recipients of this mercy. When we grant forgiveness we are making promises,

When one person says, “I forgive you,” to another, he promises

  1. “I’ll not bring this matter up to you again;
  2. “I’ll will not bring this matter up to others;
  3. “I’ll not bring it up to myself (i.e., dwell on it in my mind).”

The response, “Yes, I will forgive you,” then,  is a promise that entails quite a commitment…

Let us forgive our brothers and sisters in the likeness of the forgiveness we have been given by our Lord!

~Quotes from Jay E. Adams, A Theology of Christian Counseling, p. 228, 222-223