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Sanctification is a fundamental aspect of the Christian’s life. Sanctification is the doctrinal position which encompasses the believer’s life after initial justification. To talk about sanctification is to talk about how a Christian grows more and more obedient to the teachings of Jesus. But what does that look like? When one looks at the bible what picture is painted about what growth in obedience looks like?

In this paper three major views of sanctification will be analyzed, critiqued, and worked out practically, with one view being defended. This paper will look at the views of sanctification espoused by the following theological traditions: Reformed, Lutheran, and Wesleyan. Each view claims that it understands how the doctrine of sanctification is lived out. Yet, their biblical backing will be tested in this paper with one position coming out of the refining fire as the most biblically faithful position.


In the body of this paper, each view will be analyzed. There will be a summary of each view given at the beginning. The strengths of the view will be brought-up. Then the view will be critiqued in its faithfulness to the Biblical witness. One position will be shown as being the most faithful to the bible

The final outworking will be practically applying the view of sanctification to the life situation of a made up character called “Ernie.”[1] The situation with Ernie is that he has a habitual struggle with lustful thoughts. In light of this problem Ernie has prayed many times to God that he would be delivered from this sin. No answer to this prayer has been given. When he thinks of God, Ernie knows that God cannot look upon sin. Thus, Ernie is beginning to think that God can no longer forgive him of his sin. It is into this situation that each position will be brought to see how they would instruct Ernie.

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[1]The character and the situation are taken from Donald L. Alexander, Christian Spirituality: Five Views of Sanctification (Downers Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press, 1988), 7.