I have enjoyed  Red Mountain Music for quite some time now. I came across their first CD, “The Gadsby Project” several years ago. Since then I have bought almost every one of their CDs. The strength of their music, for me, would be how they find long lost hymns and bring them back to life. Not as if old songs are better than new ones. But the lyrical content of some of the songs they record are very rich. And that is what is important. Several songs on their CDs have pointed me to the truths of Christ when I needed to hear them.

They just came out with their newest album, All Things New,  not to long ago. I would have to say that this is the best one they have done so far. I have really enjoyed many of the songs on this one. One of my favorite would be, “Come All Ye Pining.” It is refreshing to be reminded that Christ sets forth banquet tables before me to come and find full satisfaction in the abundance of His goodness. He has not hidden it in some far of corner of the universe. No, He beckons me, and every other person who hungers, to come and be filled.



1    Lord, we adore thy boundless grace,
The heights and depths unknown,
Of pardon, life, and joy, and peace,
In thy beloved Son.

Chorus:  Come, all ye pining, hungry poor,
The Saviour’s bounty taste;
Behold a never-failing store
For every willing guest.

2    O wondrous gifts of love divine,
Dear Source of every good;
Jesus, in thee what glories shine!
How rich thy flowing blood!

4    Here shall your numerous wants receive
A free, a full supply;
He has unmeasured bliss to give,
And joys that never die.

~Anne Steele, Gadsby Hymnal #1039