The doctrine, the profession, the good report of others, the bustle of work, will not fill the soul. God Himself must be there, with His covering righteousness, His cleansing blood, His quickening Spirit. Without this, religion is but a shell: holy services are dull and irksome…Sacraments, prayer-meetings, religious services, labour of charity, will not make up for the living God…

~Horatius Bonar, “By Faith” in Christ Is All: The Piety of Horatius Bonar, 149-150

In our good deeds; whether it be church ministry, worship service, or theological study, where is God? Is He the center, the reason for it all coming about? Are we going, working, serving, learning because we know that is where He is, and we want more of Him?

Or are such actions merely part of an identity which is not really dependent on His existence? Are we just moral religious people who want to learn and do good deeds?

One option will give us emptiness.

The other, a never ending fountain of living water to give satisfaction.