The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord ( 1 Cor. 6:13)

One of the most prevalents lies, which arises when one is tempted with sexual immorality, is to think that it is natural to want any kind of sexual fulfillment. That is what the body is made for right? As the thought goes, we were made with sexual drives so obviously any way we can fulfill those desires is part of the nature of being human. The thought is that it is natural to us to long for sexual fulfillment even if the fulfillment comes sinfully.

But that way of thinking is false and deceptive.

Did God give us wonderful desires to become intimate with a spouse we have covenanted with for life? Yes. That is the natural way God established in the garden. Sex is God’s creation, not ours.

God never, however, intended those desire to run wild and seek fulfillment in any way possible. The body is not meant to be satisfied in every kind of sexual gratification. It is meant for the Lord. Which means that the body is meant to function in the way God made it to. And the way God made it was that the sexual desires be fulfilled in the marriage bed. Any other kind of fulfillment is unnatural.

Do not believe the lie that you have to gratify any sexually immoral longing. It is unnatural to fulfill the longing in that way.