Consider what Christ has done with his unending love for you in hanging on the cross. Remember the thorns on his brow, the stripes upon his back, the spikes in his wrists and feet, the splinters from the rough wood all up his back, the derision of the crowds, the desertion of his closest friends, the shame of the cross, the slow asphyxiating death, and—worst of all—the wrath of the Father. Consider the results of his love: saving you from an eternity in hell to an eternity in his presence. Ultimately, to shepherd well you must apply the gospel you preach to others to your own heart.

The more you understand what Christ, your Shepherd, has done for you, the more you will be formed into a godly and compassionate shepherd for others.

~Darrin Patrick, Church Planter: The Man, The Message, The Mission, p. 91