The blood of Christ can do greater things than our questioning hearts conceive. Its virtue extends farther than either unbelief or self-righteousness will credit. It has the property of covering, not merely our sins before coming, however great these may be, but the defects of our act of coming. Our High Priest bears “the iniquity or our holy things.” (Ex 28:38)

~Horatius Bonar,From the preface to “Hours of Christian Devotion”, quoted in Christ is All: The Piety of Horatius Bonar, 213

Even when we do not grasp it, the blood of Christ extends further than we can conceive. From one side, covering the rank of our absolute rebellion when were were blind and dead; all the way to our greatest acts of obedience as believers. The blood of Christ covers all.

If you ever question whether the blood of Christ extends to your situation, don’t question any longer.