“In his daily life and work, biblical study had a priority for Edwards that is difficult for a biographer to convey. It was an activity, like prayer and family interactions, that was so habitual that it gets obscured in accounts of more unique events and works that frame that narrative from day to day and year to year.”

-George M. Marsden, Jonathan Edwards: A Life, p. 473

When it comes to the “larger than life” endeavors of such godly people like Edwards it is easy to miss the very substance of their endeavors. With Edwards, we can read about his brilliant mind and read the works which came from such a mind. Yet, laying beneath all the spectacular things God used him for was the “unspectacular” work of being immersed in the bible. We can get caught up with the spectacular things so much that it draws our eyes away from the substance of a life of godliness.

God used Edwards in glorious ways. Yet, those ways were not separated, from but derived from, a life of studying the bible. We will never produce the brilliant works such as those coming from the pen of Edwards. But we all can draw from and immerse ourselves in the same substance that he drew from, the very Word of God. And if we do this are we not as useful to God as people like Edwards?