If the real work of God is people work—the prayerful speaking of his word by one person to another—then the jobs are never all taken. The opportunities for Christians to minister personally to others are limitless. 

-Colin Marshall and Tony Payne, The Trellis and the Vine,  p. 27

Ministry is not just setting up a program in or through a local church. One is not a minister because he or she went to school and has an official title. Ministry is speaking God’s truth to another person so to turn their minds and affections to Christ. Ministry is every time you service another person in humility and love out of a heart that seeks to please Christ.

Ministry is not just the big time speaker imparting wise biblical truth at a conference. It is just as much in the unknown book study happening with a newly converted believer at a local coffee shop across town. It is in the person who cleans up after a 1 year old when their is no immediate reward for such an action. It is in the simple quick conversation when one reminds the other about their position in Christ. The list could go on…

These are not spectacular acts of ministry. But our God is in the habit of growing His kingdom through unspectacular ways.