This is a very helpful overview of key points with the relationship between justification and sanctification by Rick Phillips. I have been thinking about the relationship a good bit as I have been reading Walter Marshall’s Gospel Mystery of Sanctification and by living daily life. I know for myself that I come from a history of having the faith portrayed as basically imperatives and calls to live passionately for God. when I came across a gospel centered view of sanctification it was illuminating and freeing. Yet, there is the constant development of how I am to understand the gospel as it applies to sanctification. What Rick says is very helpful. He lists seven assertions about the relationship.

  1. Justification and Sanctification are twin benefits that flow from union with Christ through faith. 
  2. Justification and Sanctification are distinct but simultaneous.
  3. Justification and Sanctification are both necessary and intrinsic to salvation. 
  4. Justification is logically prior to progressive Sanctification. 
  5. Justification does not cause Sanctification, but Christ both justifies and sanctifies his people. 
  6. In Justification faith is passive and receptive (Gal. 2:16), whereas in Sanctification faith is active.
  7. The law of God functions differently with respect to Justification and Sanctification. 
Rick goes on to explain each one of these assertions in his post. You would be cutting yourself short if you didn’t read the explanations.