Everyone has probably come across the video entitled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” You can watch it below if you have not seen it.

I think the best thing I can say about it is to refer to to what others have said about it.

Jared Wilson posts a good short critic of the video here.

But the most comprehensive overview of the video is by DeYoung here.

I am thankful for men like this who know how to engage these issues with biblical wisdom and Christ like love. No matter how good something sounds, we always need to apply biblical truth to it. Nothing should go without seeing if it matches what the bible says. Passion never covers over error. While, at the same time, we must bring correction with a humble, kind spirit. Let us not drive away the passionate by being cold and heartless. Instead, if we win them then we get passionate Christians who are filled with sound teaching. A double win!

I am happy that Jefferson Bethke wants to tell the world about the grace of our savior. Hopefully he will be encouraged to do it in a way that clearly communicates that grace without unknowingly distorting it. For every word from a Lord is a message of grace and peace.


Jefferson Bethke emailed DeYoung and humbled himself to say that the critiques were correct. Go over and read the exchange between them, it is wonderful to behold. Jeff showed himself greatest by becoming the least and teachable. May I grow to be more like him.