Venturing into topic of homosexuality is wondering into a land of mine fields. The topic is an extremely heated one with the whole culture going one way and Christians facing the exact opposite. Because of our direction we are cast as out of date bigots.

Then, sadly, Christians can come at this topic very uniformed and self-righteously. Homosexuality is treated as a special class of sin which makes a person weird.

But this is a issue that we need to respond to with humility and knowledge.

First there is the biblical witness that clearly communicates that homosexuality is a sin. If you want a through defense of this claim many have referenced Robert Gagnon work. I have not read the book but I have read other things Dr. Gagnon has written and have found them to be a thorough defense of this biblical claim.

But then there is the other arena where we understand homosexual desire to help those who are tempted with it. I have watched the below video and found it to be a excellent introduction to this. Professor Sam Williams does an excellent job discussing causes and how the gospel works into counseling someone struggling with these desires. I would encourage you to take the time to listen to the message in full.

HT: Justin Taylor