Wednesday morning of Together for the Gospel,  we were encouraged to rely on the transforming power of the gospel by Thabiti Anyabwile. Thabiti laid out, during his message, nine marks by which we can ask if we are confident in the power of the gospel. What follows is what I was able to write down in my notes.

  1. We would position ourselves to be around the worst of sinners so that gospel proclaiming opportunities would arise
    • Because the power of the gospel resides in the God who saves sinners there is no class of “more savible” than others. The gospel can penetrate the most lifeless person we can imagine.
  2. We should share the gospel slowly and clearly.
    • We are not about quick tricks to get people to say a prayer. We are simply called to release the gospel and then trust it will have its effect.
  3. We would redirect our fears from man to God.
    • God is sovereign, not man. God is the one who reigns, not man. He is the one we should aim to please, not man.
  4. We would endeavor to proclaim the gospel every Sunday.
    • The gospel should be made clear in every service on Sunday so that both unbelievers and believers may look upon Christ. God has only one story that is told through the bible—the gospel.
  5. We would be careful with new converts and evangelism by not making a conversions like Paul’s standard.
    • Our trust is not in methods or means but in the gospel.
  6. Study the gospel in deep ways.
  7. Preach to open eyes not just to impart information.
  8. Ask,”Is my confidence  in myself or in the gospel?”
  9. We want people to look to the message and not the messenger (1 Cor. 2:5).