Some of my favorite songs to listen to are Psalms. I don’t believe there is anything more “obedient” about them over other songs of praise. But there is something encouraging about have the direct words of scripture sung to me. And I just think the concept of singing the Psalms is cool.

So here is a list of several full Psalms put to music by Nathan Clark George and Andrew Case (With one Indelible Grace arrangement). Everyone of these is a full Psalm with either a word for word or thought for thought arrangement. All of Andrew’s music is for free. Nathan’s can be found at his site.

Psalm 13

Psalm 24

Psalm 43

Psalm 51

Psalm 89


These do not have players so you will have to play them by going to the site:

Psalm 96

Psalm 98

Psalm 111

Psalm 121

Psalm 127

Psalm 130

Psalm 148