This past April I had the privilege to travel with several friends down to Medellin, Colombia. Our purpose was to give a series of messages to the students of the Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano. A seminary aimed to train present and future pastors in Colombia. The seminary is in relationship to the ministry of Gospel Through Colombia. The mission of the ministry, which is stated on their page,  is to equip church leaders in Latin America with sound biblical/theological training and personal, life-on-life discipleship in order to see the continued transformation of Latin American churches.

It was a great time to see and be a part of God’s work among the people of Colombia. We had the privilege to give a series of messages on the topic of personal holiness to the men in the seminary during our time their. After they finish up their time in seminary (8 months) these men go out to serve the churches they have come from. These men continue their connection with Gospel Through Colombia to receive discipleship and build connections with other pastors who desire instruction and training. So little by little faithful local churches are growing up throughout the country of Colombia. And it is through these churches that God is calling many to Himself and expanding His kingdom. So thankful I got to see and experience it.




Medellin fills a massive cove in the mountains. (Pic from Geoffrey)



The Seminary


Where classes take place


The main local church in Medellin