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This past April I had the privilege to travel with several friends down to Medellin, Colombia. Our purpose was to give a series of messages to the students of the Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano. A seminary aimed to train present and future pastors in Colombia. The seminary is in relationship to the ministry of Gospel Through Colombia. The mission of the ministry, which is stated on their page,  is to equip church leaders in Latin America with sound biblical/theological training and personal, life-on-life discipleship in order to see the continued transformation of Latin American churches.

It was a great time to see and be a part of God’s work among the people of Colombia. We had the privilege to give a series of messages on the topic of personal holiness to the men in the seminary during our time their. After they finish up their time in seminary (8 months) these men go out to serve the churches they have come from. These men continue their connection with Gospel Through Colombia to receive discipleship and build connections with other pastors who desire instruction and training. So little by little faithful local churches are growing up throughout the country of Colombia. And it is through these churches that God is calling many to Himself and expanding His kingdom. So thankful I got to see and experience it.




Medellin fills a massive cove in the mountains. (Pic from Geoffrey)



The Seminary


Where classes take place


The main local church in Medellin


My mother is pretty much all of these!

As all of you have already noticed this blog has not been going any where for the past few weeks. Most of my time is being taken by school and work. And what is left over is spent investing in people. Thus, there is little to no time to blog.

Hopefully the winds will pick up soon though. I would love to finish posting about how the gospel intersects with our sanctification. But we will see when I can get back to it. But for right now only expect infrequent posting. Sorry everybody.

I wanted to give everyone an update about things with me as I come back from a few week break. I will be adding another school icon with the Southern one here shortly. The reason being is that I am going to become certified in medical coding along with taking a few classes at Southern. (If you want to know what a medical coder is you can go here.) So with the coding certificate I can get the job of being a medical coder. The reasons for taking the time to get a stable job are three: 1. provide for Southern, 2. provide for any future family, and 3. provide for bi-vocational ministry.  I have been told multiple times that this is a wise route to take and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me.

Sorry about not getting any new posts out. I have been busy with other things outside of blogging and been studying into the divorce and remarriage issue with a particular focus on the Permanence position. Hopefully I will get some of my study on the latter out for everyone while getting back to making posts.

Happy 4th of July! Hope you have a wonderful time during time day of celebration.

Below is a section from the series John Adams where congress makes the vote to separate from Briton. Even though the events in the video happened on July 2nd it was the official declaration of independence from Briton. Try to feel the weight of that day. Here were representatives of colonies making the vote of independence. They knew that they were setting a course of the nation that would plunge them into war and where there would be no ability to turn back. Yet, they took the step forward which began the country we now live in.


And what better way to celebrate the birth of out nation than shooting off fireworks. I don’t know about you but growing up in the south meant that we have access to all kinds of fireworks and were free to use them how we so desired. This song is a celebration (or paradoy) of that freedom.

My last two finals are today. So I am going to be taking the time studying instead of fixing a blog post up. Have a good day!

I will have to step away from posting these next few days. This is the most demanding week of the semester for me. I need to focus on doing papers and readings above posting. Hope to be back soon!

Just to inform the masses :), I am going on fall break for the next few days. Posting will either be slow or non-existent during this time.

Due to my primary responsibility called college things will be slow around here for the next few days. I will be busy writing a paper during that time.

Hope to be back at it soon though.

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