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I had the privalige of attending the 2012 Band of Bloggers Tuesday morning last week. Some encouraging and thought provoking discussion about our role of blogging as Christians ensued.

The moderator was Owen Strachan and on the panel were Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, Collin Hansen, and Tim Brister.

The main topics of the discussion were on the state and existence of blogging in the present, blogging on controversial topics, and about how much we should know about controversial issues.

The things which struck me were on the issue of controversy.

How do I interact on controversial topics? Presently I usually don’t do anything with them on my blog. I did not post anything regarding the issue of Rob Bell or the Elephant Room. In retrospect I glad that I wrote nothing. There were many others writing on these issues and there was no need for me to write more.

The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. (Proverbs 18:17) It is tempting to say a quick word about a topic which is hot at the moment. But the wisdom of God’s word would say differently. Unless needed, patience proves more fruitful for the building up of the body of Christ rather than quick opinions. Best to hear the other side and then make a statement that you have to try and retract later on.

Another aspect in regards to controversy is how it is affecting the real lives of me, those I know, and my readership. For example, no one in my life or my readership was affected by the topic of C.J. Mahaney’s leave of absence. From what I could see Sovereign Grace was handling the situation well. There was no reasons to report for reporting sake.

Related to this, the panel discussion rightfully brought up the issue of how much we are suppose to know. As the panelists discussed we think we are to be in the know about every situation which arises. It becomes a form of gossip where we want to know the ends and outs of situations which have no affect on our lives. The fact of the matter is there are many things we will not know about or should know about.

For these reasons I choose to stay clear of controversy on this blog. Is there a time to make statements about issues? Absolutely. But just because it is an issue does not mean I need to make a statement about it.

Right now I believe the following  gives good guiding principles as to when I can make a statement on an issue through my blog:

  • When the issue is affecting me personally.
    • One of the purposes of this blog is me posting things that reflect issues I am working through and interacting with. In no way do I seek to do this in a selfish way. This blog should not be a public means of self-centeredness. But it is, by nature, going to have things that I am working through and reading on a personal level. I also post things I have written in hopes of giving aid to others and to better construct my own thinking.
  • When it is affecting people I know.
    • There are issues that come upon the path of those I am walking with in my life. Because I love them I want to work through the issues that are pressing upon them. My long paper on Divorce and Remarriage was an example of this and the first principle. It was a topic that was being brought up through classes at school. I wanted to think through it and assist others as they think through it.
  • When the issue is affecting my regular readership.
    • Because this blog is public and meant to be read by others I want to be mindful of those who read it. Now, I can’t aim for everyone who comes across my posts. But I know the regulars who stop by and comment. I want to serve all of you in my posts. If I feel that it is affecting you I will comment on it. (Note, you can always let me know yourself as well.)

Collin Hansen gave a good, short description of my principles, “think as a pastor.” And that I exactly how I am to think with my posts on this blog.

I am thankful for the men on panel and how they want to think through these things and live out biblical principles in the way they blog. And I want to join them in their endeavor. Glad to have been a part of  Band of Bloggers 2012.

Sorry about not getting any new posts out. I have been busy with other things outside of blogging and been studying into the divorce and remarriage issue with a particular focus on the Permanence position. Hopefully I will get some of my study on the latter out for everyone while getting back to making posts.

By the way, I LOVE  the blog J. C. Ryle Quotes! Just morning I looked at today’s post in my reader and read this from bishop Ryle,

Look not to yourselves! You are by nature wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked; you cannot make atonement for your past transgressions, you cannot wipe out a single page in that long black list. And when the King shall ask you for your wedding garment you will be speechless. Look simply unto Jesus, and then the weight shall fall from off your shoulders, the course shall be clear and plain, and you shall run the race which is set before you.

I can’t tell you how much I needed that this morning. Thanks so much Erik for letting J. C. Ryle constantly preach the gospel to me!

So this is another go at a blog. Things just died over at the last one…

The problem was time management and not knowing what to post on. I have to face the facts that I am a college student and unable to produce deep, long theological studies on my blog when I have to read 12 books, write 3 papers, and have the Greek language to learn.  I just don’t have the time during the semesters.

So I plan on being much more reasonable with the expectations of myself and keep things short but helpful (meaning I will be linking and quoting other people a lot). So that was the problem now…

…What do I wish to accomplish by this resurrection:

1. To post the thoughts and studies of other, much more godlier, people than myself.

One of the most beneficial gifts to receive is the wisdom from ages past (and some today).

So many godly men and women have run the race of faith before us that hearing what they have to stay is both encouraging and instructive. It is encouraging to read their testimonies as they go through the trials and pleasures of life. It is instructing to know that the wheel was invented before our time. What do I mean by that. Every generation seems to think that they finally discovered how to do such-and-such “the correct way.” But far from it, the same issues seem to come up again and again through the line of history. People had to deal with the same issues we have to deal with and hearing what they have to say will instruct us as we think through the issues.

2. Have a place where I can post resources that I find so that you can use them for the increase of the kingdom.

There is so much helpful stuff floating around. I know that I have benefited from peo

ple posting links to sermons, lectures, and other sites so I plan on doing the same.

3. To share my own inquires and studies for the purpose of aiding other people and getting feed back to sharpen the rough edges of my studies and writing.

I am in Bible college working through issues and questions. Some are class related some are of my own curiosity. I will post papers and such that I had to do for class in the hopes that it will help someone somewhere and get constructive feed back.

4. And finally, to let you know about some major things that I am doing, like

what conferences I am attending and such. My life is not all that exciting, just one desiring to be faithful in all that I do for the glory of Jesus the Christ.

Above all and encapsulating the previous list, I want to glorify my God by being of service to you by means of this blog. As long as I keep that focus in mind I believe that I can keep up with this. The more I lose focus of that the harder it is to keep posting things it seems.

And in light the purpose, if there is anything you need or want me to discuss, let me know, and I will be happy to do my best to serve you.

And without further wait…let the blogging begin!

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