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Dr. Richard Bauckham came and spoke at Southern Seminary earlier this semester. Dr. Bauckham is Professor Emeritus at St Andrews in Scotland. He is an acclaimed New Testament scholar who has done tremendous work in the field of the historicity of the New Testament. Two of his important works are Jesus and the God of Israel: God Crucified and Other Studies on the New Testament’s Christology of Divine Identity and Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels As Eyewitness Testimony.

Here are the lectures he gave at Southern:

The Gospels as Historical Biography


Audio here.

The Gospels as History from Below Part 1


Audio here.

The Gospels as History from Below Part 2


Audio here.

The Gospels as Micro-History and Perspectival History


Audio here.

Alistair Begg recently gave the E. Y. Mullins lectures at Southern Seminary. In these lectures Alistair Begg modeled his style of preaching the gospel from books of the Bible. You can get to the audio by clicking on the links below

This is the third lecture in the Greens Lecture Series delivered by Hunter Baker at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In this lecture Hunter Baker gives some very good arguments against secularism. Secularism will attempt to argue that religion has not place in influencing the politics and laws of a country. Yet, I believe Hunter Baker gives good reasons to reject secularism’s claim.

Secularism, Church, and Society


You can listen or download the Audio here.

Thought that I would post the first two chapel messages of this semester.

The first is from Dr. Albert Mohler. It is entitle: Which Way to the Future? Southern Baptists, Southern Seminary, and the Future of the Evangelical Movement in America. I will let Denny Burk give you a summary of the message,

In essence, Dr. Mohler argues that the evangelical movement provided the theological resources that the SBC needed to mount its conservative resurgence in the 80’s and 90’s. Now, Southern Baptists find themselves in the position of returning the favor. As the theological identity of evangelicalism becomes increasingly amorphous (and in some cases theologically liberal), Southern Baptists—with Southern Seminary included—need to lead the way in the defense of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

In particular, Dr. Mohler notes that the doctrine of inerrancy is now up for grabs again. So is Christ’s penal substitutionary atonement, the exclusivity of Christ’s saving work, and a host of other moral and doctrinal concerns. In this context, he calls Southern Baptists to three ideals:

1. Theological Integrity – Southern Baptists must be both a “centered” and a “bounded” movement.

2. Gospel Clarity – Southern Baptists must be clear about the gospel and the necessity of conversion.

3. Biblical Authority – Southern Baptists must not abandon inerrancy, even though many in broader evangelicalism are. In this point, Mohler takes on Peter Enns, Kenton Sparks, and others at the Biologos site. [His full response to Karl Giberson should be published on his website very soon.]

This is an important, programmatic address given by a leading statesman for the cause of the gospel. Give it a close listen.

You can download the message here.

The second message is from Dr. Russell Moore. It is entitled: Letter from a Jericho Ditch: God, Neighbor, and the Questions We Ask

As always, Dr. Moore gives an outstanding message. The heart of the message is the need balance between gospel proclamation and mercy ministry. You can download it here.


I am going to try and make Saturday a day for posting sermons. Some really good messages are preached here at Southern and around the globe so I thought that I would share what I find and enjoy with you.

God Is Not a Beggar? Why Your Ministry Must Become More Pathetic Before It Can Be Less Pathetic
By Dr. Russell D. Moore

Audio Here, Video Here

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